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ORAL METHOD is a reading series that invites writers and artists to create new work in response to a theme-based prompt with the intent of reading the resulting texts aloud for the first time in the presence of other readers and listeners.

This project encourages experimental approaches and forms, consideration of the oral and aural elements of text (how it feels to speak! how it feels to listen! writing in anticipation of sharing words IRL and in real time!), and engagement with live reading as an act of community building, vulnerability, testing, revising, performance, and play. Reading events function as contexts where participants can create and share writing that may sit outside of their typical practices.

ORAL METHOD acknowledges and is inspired by the long and rich histories of oral storytelling practices amongst many diverse cultures. 


06.23.2024 “BREAKAGE: Break Through” - Ace Hotel Toronto


05.26.2024 “BREAKAGE: Break Down” - Ace Hotel Toronto

04.25.2024 “BREAKAGE: Break Up” - Ace Hotel Toronto

11.23.2023 - “Memory of Nudity” - 100% SILK Shop + Gallery, co-organized with Inez Genereux

06.21.2023 - “A Summer Lawn” (Solstice Edition) - Tommy’s Wine Bar

Zoe Imani Sharpe, Melissa Vincent, feat. Alex Chouinard-McLellan

Jill Connell, Melly Davidson, Sarah Hagi, Farhia Tato, Joy Xiang, feat. Eliza Niemi

Akash Bansal, Katie Connell, Kalale Dalton-Lutale, Claudia Dey, Saffron Maeve, feat. Emily Chudnovsky

Amy Blaxland, Emma Olivia Cohen, Josh Greenblatt, Tiana Reid, Sennah Yee, feat. Girlfood 

Clark Bondy, Rosemary Flutur, Allie Graham, Natasha M.H., Cason Sharpe, Lee Suksi, Stephanie Wong Ken, feat. Carmel Floral